I’ve been using Netvibes for a week or so, and now I’m completely addicted to it, as far as I’m concerned, it’s as handy as Bloglines. I’ve been using a customized homepage for quite a long time, and I even thought of doing something similar, but it involved too much work. Maybe not that much, but it involved wasting precious time needed for other things (I don’t need extra computer activities, work is enough!).
I find myself clicking the home button in Firefox quite a lot now. The chosen widgets were the weather widget, the Gmail widget and some feeds to sites I check quite often. To good thing about is that you save time and only click on the links that really interest you, rather browsing down through the whole rss feeds output that Bloglines produces. Quite often I slide through Bloglines and I miss a lot of useful content (I realize I subscribe too many blogs), now I only check Bloglines two or three times during the day since the sites that I checked more often are now on my homepage. And the interface is very functional, you can move stuff around very easily, posts open in moveable windows that show post resumes or the complete thing, depending on what the feed is providing.
I’m waiting for a more customizable layout though, like a customizable background function, no wants another website with stripes… but hey, it’s still beta.