Trust slimline keyboardA couple of months ago I bought a new keyboard. I got sick of my loud and big keyed keyboard. Sure it was black and everything, but I wanted something more stylish for my desktop at home. It had to be black, everything has to be black, and it had to be slim, slim is the key. So I found a Trust slimline keyboard. Fell in love with it right away. It was black, slim, and had some pretty blue lights and it was the size of a laptop keyboard. Perfect! It didn’t matter that some keys were place in some weird places. It looked nice.
When I started using it felt very weird, I typed the wrong letters a lot, and it was not familiar with the placement of some keys. The enter key was too small, but that was ok, I started using the one placed in the numberpad. The real problem was del key and the < and > keys, I never pressed them correctly, and I could never find them without looking at the keyboard.
I used it until now, I though that with time I would end up getting familiar with the key placement, but today I gave up, this keyboard is just ergonomically bad. I’m trough with it. So now I’m back with my noisy, big, black (and blue) keyboard with a lot of buttons that I’ve never used, but hey, at least I don’t feel like I’m using an alien keyboard.