My name is José Marques and I come from Lisbon.

I’m a design wrangler at Automattic, the place where great things like, Jetpack, and VaultPress are born.
I started blogging over 10 years ago. I’ve gone from blogger to custom made CMSs to WordPress, and stuck with it in 2005. Feeding the Robots is the last reincarnation of my blog that has changed identities and URLs many, many times. I like the idea of having a place to register ideas, inspiration, statuses so I can come back when I’m 90 and go through the archive of my younger, naïf self.

I have a degree in computer science but design has always been what keeps me moving forward. I’ve been designing websites, web applications and mobile apps for about 10 years with companies like TAP Portugal, Barclays Bank, Banco Espírito Santo, Liberty Insurance, BMW, Lease Plan and RTP.

Pleasure comes from travelling (specially to distant places where none of the languages I speak are recognised), all kinds of music, good TV and cinema, trying new food and taking pictures.