I’m thinking about sueing my phone company, I’ve reported a malfunction about a month ago and they still didnt fix it. My mom calls in everyday and they say we should be expecting a phonecall sometime today, well that day never happens, and now when I try to dialup from my computer it sounds like and old record and simply does not connect. Not having internet at home sucks, it’s like having no electricity.

Last friday I went with some friends to watch Englar Alheimsins, and Icelandic movie with Sigur R�s music. The movie was aceptable, altough the translation to english seemed kind of weird. The worst was the movie theatre, it smelled awfully like curry (they show Indian movies on weekends) and dust, the seats were not made for movie screening, I just kept sliding down, like the dude with parachute pants on “That 80’s Show”.

Post originally posted on 29 Sep 2003 09:27