I think I wrote somewhere that I would never write about an Apple announcement. It turns out there is no widescreen video iPod, so that just sucks a lot. The iTunes movie store has only Disney movies, so that doesn’t take us very far. The new iPod shuffle is pretty interesting in size and form, like a key holder, but still pretty uninteresting in functionality as always, at least it’s cheap! The new iTunes does not impress me that much, but I’ll give it a try, though I will not use it as a default player, it just eats to much RAM for an app that is supposed to run in the background. Oh yeah, and they stole that cover functionality from Windows Media Player. Ha! Busted!
The new iPod nano is pretty interesting, I think it’s about time I get an iPod, maybe one of these or the cheapest standard iPod video.
That iTV is just ugly, like the mac mini, I don’t want a cheap piece of plastic next to my tv.