I polished the site with a little makeup, just to pretty things up a bit, so if things look a little weird just punch the refresh button a bunch of times. I also added some new links.

And now some links:

Pixar ditches Disney in 2006

The World Votes: In November 2004, U.S. citizens will elect their new President. The outcome of these elections directly influences the lives of citizens around the world. Theworldvotes.org seeks to apply new technologies to provide citizens around the world with a voice in matters that affects us all.

Georgia considers banning ‘evolution’… and sometimes think I live in a retarded country! (via metafilter)

Oh and this year I voted for the Bloggies, the selection seemed good so why not.

One last note to close the day, I wish people start thinking seriously about virus threats, I received so many mydoom infected emails this week, and the number increases every day.

It was a pleasure, good night.

Post originally posted on 31 Jan 2004 21:45