Michael Idov wrote a very funny review of Placebo’s “Sleeping With Ghosts”. I was thinking on doing a review for my own site, but then I realized I couldn’t be impartial. I have all the Placebo albums, I even have some singles, I’ve seen them live for 3 times (on May 5th I’m going to see them again). I even have a bloody t-shirt. So how can I be impartial? I’m a fan, it’s a simple as that, and I can try as hard as I can to step out of the fan sphere and write a “reviewer” opinion, but it will always come out spoiled by the “fan” disease. That is why I gave up reviewing records of bands that make my top ten.
On the other way, fans opinions can be extremely sincere, but they will always be fans, and the blindness factor will always be present.

Post originally posted on 23 Apr 2003 23:51