Nine Inch Nails @Lisbon Coliseum 2007-02-10

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NIN ticket 2007-02-10 Lisbon Coliseum
It has been a while since I went to a concert where so much energy had to be wasted. I almost forgot that mosh pits (unfortunately) exist. The Nine Inch Nails gave a very powerful and energetic performance last night, very focused and professional, but I felt that something was missing, it was kind of an awkward show, very cold, like they have been playing for who knows how many shows and this is just one more to complete the schedule, the only thing is, this was the first show on the tour, after a break to record the new album. Anyway, I had a lot of fun, jumped a lot, sang and sweat like a pig. The set list was:

01 Pilgrimage (playback, band still not in scenery)
02 Mr. Self-Destruct
03 Last
04 Terrible Lie
05 March of the Pigs
06 Something I Can Never Have
07 The Line Begins to Blur
08 Closer
09 Burn
10 Wish
11 Help Me I Am In Hell
12 Eraser
13 La Mer
14 Into the Void
15 No, You Don’t
16 Only
17 You Know What You Are?
18 Hurt
19 The Hand That Feeds
20 Head Like a Hole

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Control system

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I’m feeling pretty tired, I spent a week and a half working at school, trying to finish my Information Systems project. I gave up today, the deadline is Sunday, but I’m not leaving my house this weekend. I need a weekend of sleep, quiet music and relaxing TV shows.
The project is not 100% done, but I did my part and most of one of the group members, the couple of functionalities that don’t work all that well aren’t really important, and if we’re fortune enough, the teachers wont notice it by time we present it.
This was my first time working with 6 people in one project. The overall result is very bad, the leader did a terrible job coordinating (I admit that I’m a control freak, but he was pretty bad as leader) 3 of the group members did a total of 0% work.
Did I enjoy doing it? Yes, in a way, but when the stress starts to hit, the fun is all gone.

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