Gizmodos Free iPhone Apps list – I lost the habit of trying out new iPhone apps, I just don’t have the patience to go trough pages of fart apps and flashlights on iTunes, so sometimes I take a peek when one of the articles comes up on my feed reader, there a few cool ones in this Gizmodo list.

100 Years of Failure: 10 Technologies We Were Promised But Never Got – There’s a lot of stupid stuff in there (Nuclear bombs for demolition and excavation, hum… hello, dangerous!), but out of this, things there are we should have today, but don’t because companies are greedy and evil, like the self driving car or the safe cigarette.

The facts about bottled water – one of the things that I find most annoying about bottled water is the the use of plastic, who would think that by the time the 21st century came we would still be using such polluting component!

Rolling Stone’s Best Albums of the decade – being a music buff always get’s me excited about these “end of the year best of lists” where I can always find stuff that missed my radar, but looking at this list, apart from the hip-hop and r&b stuff that I generally don’t like (there are a few exceptions) I was pretty much spot on! Hurray for me and my refined musical taste :p.