I used to hate going on buses, they are a real nag, sometimes you can’t find a seat and have to stand up, there’s always the occasional loud talkers, the people generally are the main problem. In the last few weeks I’ve been driving to work, and have to say it’s even worse. If the bus gets trapped in traffic you can always read a book, listen to music or even sleep, if you are driving you just have to stand there, waiting for the car in front of you to move. It’s really horrible, and then there’s the parking… you can never find a decent parking space in Lisbon; it’s generally over the sidewalk, or in some dodgy place. I am particularly sensitive about leaving my car in dubious places, since I have been robbed recently and so I rather pay for some sort of parking, even though it’s probably as unsafe as leaving the car in a dark alley, hey, car parkings are dark!
Tomorrow I’ll ride the bus again! Yay!