ipodk33365-14637.jpgWoohoo, finally I can listen to music directly from my iPod in the car again. In December I bought an iTrip, it was the worst device I ever bought, for €59 I expected it to be at least functional, but it behaved weird from the first day. First I noticed the signal was weak and I had to place the iPod real close to the antenna, then I noticed that when the stereo mode was enabled it was only putting out sound on one channel. Later I realized that the problem was in the contacts, it was not attaching itself correctly with the iPod. Then it started acting up, disconnecting itself randomly. I took it back to the shop were I had purchased it (Fnac) with no hope of getting a new one or my money, but to my surprise they sent it to the local representative of the brand. About 2 weeks later I got an SMS telling me my device was fixed. When I went to pick it up the clerk told me that it had not been repaired but the representative chose to give me the money back. So I bought a Kensinton Pico that is designed for the iPod nano but works just fine on the regular iPod. What I like about this device is that you can tune it using the iPod screen, unlike the Griffin one that had a small crappy screen. Just like the iTrip the FM signal isn’t very strong, but so far I’ve been able to listen to music without other stations overriding the signal. And it’s €10 cheaper!