Portugal is suffering from its worst drought in decades. Livestock and other agricultural losses have been devastating. In many parts of the country, January 2005 was the driest January in more than 100 years. The dramatic impact of the drought is clear from this set of true-color Aqua MODIS images. Drought-parched forests and fields are a dull brown in the top image from February 13, 2005, while the mouseover image from February 11, 2004, provides a dramatic green contrast.

In 2005, the landscape appears dull olive and brown as the country’s vegetation withers in the face of the drought. The dry winter has increased concern about the summer fire season in the country, which may have lost as much as 10 percent of its forests during a terrible fire season in 2003. Damages to farmers are estimated to be in the one billion Euro range (1.3 billion US dollars), mainly from lack of grazing grasses.

Things are becoming dramatic over here!