This afternoon I watched “Equilibrium” with Christian Bale. I have to say that this movie� kicks ass! Ok so it borrows the action style from the “Matrix”, and some details of “1984”, but it just has such a cool concept behind.
The main plot is a society controlled by a drug that eliminates emotions from people, this happens because a third world war almost destroyed human civilization, and is believed that emotions, such as hate and anger were the cause.
The main character, a high profile security officer starts discovering the pleasure of feeling (this is the best part of the movie) after shooting his partner. The interesting aspect is the vision of a society without individuality (they were not allowed to apreciate all forms of art).
Looks like it didn’t do very well in the states (and I think it didn’t even premier here) because of bad promotion.
Christian Bale continues to surprise me, he’s great!

Post originally posted on 28 Ago 2003 01:20