I don’t know why Fischerspooner fascinate me so much. Their sound is not all that original (and they only released an album so far), and I’m far away from being one of those people that listen to something because of the way performers look. “Emerge” is my all time dance tune, whenever I listen to it I just want to start dancing, and if I can’t do it, the foot thumping begins.
Although I like some of the electro stuff that surfaced and eventually died (some say, I still listen to it a lot when I go out), most of it sounds too retro for me, and let’s face it, although I’m a child of 80’s, I don’t want to have anything to do with it. So my fascination for Fischerspooner remains a mystery. I love everything they do… videos, remixes, I consume it all! Even the remix for Kylie Minogue… imagine that, me, a rock n’roll boy listening to Kylie! You almost bought that, right?
Anyway, Fischerspooner will release a new album this year entitled “Odyssey”, and it’s going to fucking blow our minds, I trust them!