There is a reason why I always carry my mp3 player with me, public transportation conversations. Before leaving work I made my trip home musical choice:

“Animal Collective, yeah that sounds good, haven’t heard the album that many times, let’s listen to it. Damien Rice, in case I get annoyed by Animal Collective, not that remote possibility. Let’s throw something else in there… The Ultimate Architects! Yeah, some heavy electronica to change the mood in case everything else starts the bore me out.”

Perfect plan, I do this everyday. I get on the subway, no seats available, that’s ok, the trip is not that long and I’m not very tired. I grab my mp3 player from my pocket, press play. I’m in my little place, I’m protected, and suddenly… the music stops! Oh no, this cant be! No batteries! No biggie, I’ll just grab an extra one. What? How could I forget to put a backup battery inside my bag! Noooooooooo, Now I’ll have to listen to people all the way home! Let’ calm down and try to be reasonable! I look at the guy next to me supporting white headphones, I hate him for a little second and then turn my attention to some girls right next to me. They are talking really loud. Let’s figure out what they are saying. One of them is holding a cinema brochure with that kid from Harry Potter. They seem to be fighting over it.

Girl#1: This guy is so hot, give it to me, I’d eat him up!
Girl#2: Shut up, Harry Potter is so pretty, I’d eat him up, with butter.
Girl#3: I have tickets for insert Harry Potter movie title number 4, I’m watching it on Friday afternoon, it’s going to be so cool.

At this point I’m laughing inside, and I can’t help and put out tiny smile. Excuse me, but since when did that Harry Potter kid start looking good? Last time I checked he had these huge geeeky glasses and a terrible haircut. I loathe Harry Potter, I tried to watch the first movie, I actually paid for it. What a terrible waste. And the books… don’t even try to tell me they are for all ages… If you are grownup and you are reading a Harry Potter book, you, my friend are hopeless. A whole world of possibilities and you end up choosing a book that a 10 year old can follow pretty easily. Before I get hate comments for hating Harry Potter let me tell you one thing: I have tried to read the first book, but gave up, it’s for kids. Period. The movies… oh my movies. The first movie was so bad, bad acting, bad special fx, it was utter crap. I haven’t seen the other 2, I’m not sure I ever will, but this new one seems to be a little better, at least the trailer doesn’t look so bad. Maybe I’ll give it a shot, but I think I’ll end up watching it on a Sunday afternoon on Christmas in a few years. Damn, how I miss “Lord of the Rings” premiers.