So, according to my archive, my blogging experience started 7 years ago tomorrow. I’m not sure if this is accurate, I certainly don’t remember when I started blogging “consciously”. A lot has happened since that time, back then I was in college, trying to figure out what I wanted to do with what I was learning.

Blogger was the blogging tool, this was before Moveable Type or WordPress, I remember the way to find new blogs was though blog lists, linking to other blogs was also big (nobody does that now).
A lot of blogs were born and died as fast as they were born. Back then it was something special and different to do, these days your grandmother has a blog about knitting and it’s probably a success. I wouldn’t say it’s not fun anymore, but it sure isn’t special.

This blog has always (and will continue to be) a dump for thoughts, suggestion, rants and raves and self promotion. It was never big, never will be, nor do I care about that. It never really had a focus, focused blogs are boring and die very fast because you eventually drain out all the possible content. I always preferred personal blogs to the other kind. So I’m going to keep on blogging, for another 7 years, or 14, or 21, or who knows, for as long as it makes sense to me, for as long as I need a channel to communicate.

photo by joikaika