Heroes cast
I picked up Heroes when it was around episode 9, I immediately got hooked up on it. It had been a while since I got so excited about a tv show. As it I got really into it, I often read blogs about the shows universe, I wait nervously for the last episode available to be downloaded and I don’t sleep as many hours as I should so I can view the last episode. Some episodes where really outstanding, good character development, good story line (never falling in the super hero can do it all solution), nice directing, but some episodes where a little too “Lost”y, meaning nothing really happened and we had to wait for the next episode for something relevant to happen. Another thing I didn’t like that much about it was the constant cliffhanger, sure it brings excitement and keeps people interested, but I like some closure every now and then.

(Warning: Spoilers)
The season finale didn’t really work for me, the creators went for the easy solution (don’t tell me you didn’t see that closure as a possibility), but most of all I think it failed because the story line wasn’t able to produce any kind of excitement. The Sylar/Peter confrontation was a real joke, sure I wasn’t expecting X-Men type battle, but a little more demonstration of power besides punching and the usual Darth Vader lifting stuff couldn’t have done any harm. And Sylar didn’t die, meaning we will see more of him in the future… boring! Sylar was a cool character, but for how long can you see him drilling people’s brains without having any real competition?
I hope season two brings a completely refurbish cast, I believe most of these characters are way too burned to continue to bring interest to the show.
I’m sad that the creators weren’t able to keep the quality of the overall episodes, but I guess we expected too much from something that could only have a simple closure.