Let me explain why: everyone knows the iPhone does not have mms capability, even though it’s massively used in Europe.
I can handle that, I’ll just send an email with an attached picture if I want to share something, the problem is that it’s not as immediate as it was with mms, because people don’t check their email all the time, imagine that!

But my problem right now is with Vodafone: I’ve had phones without mms capability in the past, but if someone sent me an mms what I got was a sms telling me to go to the site so that I could view the mms. This was years ago. Vodafone knows I have an iPhone, I bought it from them, so they must’ve decided that if you choose to have such device you also choose to never ever receive mms, not even in the old fashioned way! Erm!

I did the test myself, I sent an mms from my TMN phone and waited for something to arrived on the iPhone… and I’m still waiting.

So Vodafone, bring that feature back, I don’t want people to think I’m ignoring them alright?