How to be uncool-cool:

  • Stating that Arcade Fire is your favorite band, c’mon Arcade Fire is so beginning of 2005, you’re only like one year late
  • Dicing Microsoft just because, everyone is tired of that, please find real arguments
  • Thinking that an iPod is an accessory, yeah… my gramma has an iPod too and that doesn’t mean she is cool
  • T-shirts over long sleeves, you’re going through a 90’s revival right? Plus a “ZERO” tshirt!
  • You’re still listening to Pearl Jam, must I say more?
  • You still think Linux should overtake the world and software should be free for everyone, and while you say this you get paid to make software…
  • You stealing music and movies, and don’t mind that it’s illegal. Sure I do it too, but at least I recognize it’s WRONG to do it.
  • Assuming that everybody’s blog is hosted on Blogspot!
  • Beginning sentences with “Now with the Internet…”. The “internet” has been around for almost 20 years, it has been a reality for 10 years or more.

Any more sugestions? How about making lists about beeing uncool-cool? 😉