snes.jpgI miss playing computer games, maybe I should buy a game console, but games are so darn expensive, computer games where always free (cof cof). My pc is no longer capable of running decent games, the other day I tryed to play one of those Need for Speed games and it was just a disaster… I mean slowwwwww.
The XBox 360 looks mighty appealing, and now it even goes up to 1080p resolution (I wonder if the performance is the same), the new Playstation 3 is a tad expensive for my pocket, and besides, they are not for sale! The Nintendo Wii is just not for me (that rimes! Not intentional! Lol), even with that new funky controller, it’s just missing the “grown up” factor.
I’m gonna wait for the Xbox to drop the price a little when the new PS3 comes around.