When I started this job I noticed that everyone was using the consultant title, I never liked it and I don’t use it when someone asks me what I do, just because I think it’s inappropriate. To me a consultant is someone that walks in to give some expertise and advice on what to imrpove your business, that is not my job, neither is of most of the people that use that title.
One of these days while I was in traffic I had a laugh because the van right in front of me was advertising “moving consulting”, so I just imagined a conversation with one of the people that could work there:

– So what do you do?
– I’m a consultant.
– What kind of consulting?
– I just move furniture around.

And yesterday I saw a “gardening consultants” truck! That makes a little more sense than moving consulting, but calling your gardener a consultant is just plain funny.
These days people only use the term consultant because they think it gives more value to their business, but really, it doesn’t.
Titles are everything in this country. I’m just a web developer.