I remember when I was in high school, our annual trips to Inforpor were expected with a lot of anxiety… We were kids, the internet was not a reality, the trip meant an afternoon of drooling to brand new graphic chips, operating systems, games, all kinds of new hardware and software junk. We left with tons of paper, pens, pencils, cdroms, mouse pads, you name it, and most of all, we left with a smile on our faces.
But as years go by, the level of suckiness rises exponentially, this year was just too much. I’m considering not going next year.
I mean, there was nothing new, no gifts, no tons of paper, only one roller skater girl, no Creative Labs, Apple, the big ones… no one was there… even Microsoft had a shy representation.
What happened? Oh wait… economic recession…

Post originally posted on 26 Oct 2003 16:39