The new Palm Pre, announced yesterday at CES looks very promising: it’s the first of the post-iPhone generation to have a usable UI without the need of a stylus and mostly because it features some of the stuff that the iPhone lacks: the physical keyboard (this one is deal breaker for the professional market), turn by turn GPS software and multi-tasking.
I know that there are other phones out there that have these features, but Windows Mobile or Symbian phones just don’t work for me.

Multi-tasking is something I miss on the iPhone, I find really annoying that apps actually close when basic phone events occur, instead of being put in a “hibernate” status. I understand that Apple wants to make sure that external apps don’t bog down the device’s performance, but this is something they have to redesign in future iterations of the product, or it will just stay behind of the competition.

This is the first time that another phone actually grabs my attention after the iPhone launch, nothing that came out after was as exciting or ground breaking, but now there’s the Palm Pre.
If I was thinking about changing phone I would most certainly wait for this one to be released.

Update: Obviously I forgot to mention the Android, although I wasn’t very impressed with it either, but I think it has very strong chances to evolve to something really great!