I’m feeling like crap this morning, my throat hurts, I have zero motivation for work and classes, and above all, I have to present a project I don’t like to high-school kids. Just though you should know.


Just as a bonus to a great day, I was planning on doing a project using C# .net, just because I wanted to try something different from Java (I know, it’s not that different, but hey, it’s not Java!). Everything was working smoothly until we tested the thing while the server (coded by the teacher in Python) was running on another machine. Result: no response from the server… it works fine on localhost, it works fine on my computer at home, but somehow it ain’t good enough for the faculty network. And it turns out it’s my fault, because all the sheep using Java are able to communicate with the server, we were supposed to be able to choose the fracking coding language! Dammit! I’m sick of Java… I’ve made million of projects in Java, this time I wanted to try something different! Interfaces in Java are horrible!