I have to make a confession, I went to a lesbian party (called Lesboa, as in Lisboa/lesbian), and I didn’t like it. Not that I don’t like to be surrounded by girls, I don’t even mind that they are all lesbians, I’m all for diversity, but if you know lesbians, they drink a lot, I mean A LOT. It happens that the lesbian organization of the event was not that well planned, I guess they didn’t expect so many lesbos to show up (I just love typing lesbian lesbian lesbian), plus the lesbian friends (me… I was invited by a non lesbian girl who was working there), so they only hired like four or five barmen/bar-lesbian-women, so it turned out that it was impossible to get even close to the lesbian bar. Plus the lesbian music was a little heavy for me, I’m all for heavy dancing (I don’t mean heavy metal, I mean heavy dance music), but I though lesbians only listened to K.D. Lang and Anni DiFranco.
Dude I’m gonna get so flamed for this post. 😛