I’m back from Madrid, where I had a lot of fun. The city has lot to see, unfortunately there wasn’t much time to see museums (I’m more of a walking around person), but still I think I covered the best of what the city has to offer. Madrid feels like a very safe city, you can walk around in late hours of the night and not feel unsafe at all. The subway works until 2 AM, which means you can perfectly go out for a drink and return home without having to pay for a cab, that’s one think you can’t do in Lisbon that bothers me a lot. The city also feels very clean, at least the center. I loved the Gran Via, it’s kind of the Times Square of Madrid, but without the tourists, which makes all the difference. Spanish people like hanging out, and they completely clog the streets, I love that feeling.
I had no expectations, but still I was very pleased with Madrid, and I think this is a city that I could live in, it’s different in many ways compared to what I am familiar with, but I didn’t feel all that out of place.