How many times during your work day do you think of something to do, like writing a blog post about something, washing your car, call someone about something, and then when the time to perform the task arrives you just completely forget about it. This happens to me all the time. I used to set up tasks in my mobile, but it’s just too a hassle, Outlook is not an option (I only use it because of “corporate” rules) and besides you’re not always at the computer right? But you always have your phone in your pocket, so just fire up Google Calender and create a task with 4 clicks:

One: click the google calendar icon or create a bookmark on your Firefox quicklinks bar
Two: select the desired time slot
Three: enter the subject
Four: your done

Now Google Reminder will send you and SMS at the defined time, this of course if you have it set up to send reminders through SMS, there’s no reason not to, it’s free of charge…
If you constantly lose the TV shows you want to watch because you are distracted doing something else schedule a task that repeats. This also applies to the tasks you don’t want to do, nothing like a nasty reminder to add a little motivation.