Here’s the drill, I’m sitting in my corner, minding my own business and every once in a while someone from my contact list (usually someone that never speaks to me) pops up and starts screaming for help because he/she cant do something or is having some problem on ze computah, so here are some rules if you happen to be that type of person:

  1. Use google
  2. Use google
  3. Use google, am I clear enough? It is very possible that I don’t know the answer to your problem because a) there are an infinite number of possible computer problems (^2 if you’re using windows) and guess what, I don’t have the answer for most of them; b) I was going to use google to help you anyway, so cut the middle man, please!
  4. Think for 5 seconds before asking something, it’s possible (I’d say about 90%) of the times that the answer is right in front of you, oh and guess what, you know that “Help” menu in the toolbar? It’s actually there to help! Amazing isn’t it?
  5. Don’t assume that I know every little thing there is about every single crappy application that came bundled with your machine
  6. Remember that working with computers is what I do for a living, and it’s nice to get out of character sometimes
  7. If your line after “hello” is “Hey, I have this computer problem” then don’t even bother saying anything to me, except If you’re my best friend or my mom or something

Thanks for listening!

Ps: I’m not an angry person… :P, I’m just…. tired!