I only got there in time for the Klaxons, heard the transmission of the Bunny Ranch on the radio and avoided The Gift by all means.

Klaxons : I had some expectations regarding this band, they released a really good EP and a somewhat disappoint album, still I was curious. It was an ok concert, they played well and their songs work, some dancing was involved, but the atmosphere was missing, I can see this band giving a really great concert in a small dark room, not during day light and without any drugs (on their system not mime :P).

Magic Numbers : I cannot understand why this bland played after the Klaxons and not before, there were a lot more people interested in the first ones that missed the concert because it was too early. The Magic Numbers are ok, in a Shalala kind of way, nothing new here. They played a cheerie set that seemed to go on and on and on.

Bloc Party : I saw Bloc Party about 2 months ago at the Lisbon Coliseum, I didn’t particularly like the concert because they played too much from the second album that isn’t all that good so I really didn’t have any expectations for this one, honestly I even considered skipping it, but I’m glad I didn’t. They played a more balanced collection of songs from their two albums, there was a lot of interaction with the audience and they even played “2 more years” which is one of my favourites.

Arcade Fire : I’m not going to lie, I had enormous expectations, I love their first album and the second doesn’t fall behind the first. Arcade Fire have the reputation of giving really good performances or really crappy, it’s a matter of luck. We were lucky. The concert wasn’t very long but there were no low points, only highlights. The audience was in ecstasy and the band realized that. I really enjoyed the performance, sometimes it’s hard to give a great concert at a festival because of the mixed crowd, but that wasn’t the case, everyone was there to see the band. They closed the show with “Wake Up”, with everyone singing the chorus, it was mind blowing.

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Today the party continues!