Linda Martini – Awesome, I love their record but hadn’t had the chance to check’em out yet, and given that the Rapture cancelled, all the shows were delayed one hour. I didn’t know they were so young, they sound kind of mature on record, I was surprised. The stage was huge and they had no stage apparel so it just felt like they were playing a kilometre away from each other.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Hated it, no really really hated it, I know their records, there are so cool tunes there, but live they are just terrible, my friends disagree with me on this, but I cant stand the Daniel Johnston type of voice live, the dude sings so bad and does it in a way like it’s ok to have such a horrible voice. In one word, painful.

Maxïmo Park – The front man is an entertainer, they gave a nice performance, but the British dancing rock is starting to go on a hang over period.

The Jesus and Mary Chain – I was not familiar with their music except maybe one or two, it seemed like a pretty cold performance, just doing their job.

LCD Soundsystem – From the videos I saw online it looked like they sucked live, but boy was I wrong, they managed to get everybody dancing (at least around me), it was a very vibrant and fun performance until they decided to end the show with a crooner balad that completely killed the party mood, things can never be perfect.