I ran an online survey trough msn messenger. The question was, if you were to select a computer case, which you would prefer. The choices were the brand new G5 (we are only considering the outside looks) or the Alienware case. My choice obviously goes to the G5, I love Macs, although I don’t own or use them, but they surely raised the bar in terms of computer styling.
I initial though no one was going to pick the Alienware case, since it looks like a tuning car, with all the glowing lights and everything, but I was wrong, about half the people chose it. Of course these two groups of people can be separated even socially.
Those who chose the G5 case care about their looks, have a fashion sense, are more mature, and most of all, they care about what they place on their offices/bedrooms/living rooms.
The other group are people that don’t care much about their appearance. This means they still dress like kids or don’t care all that much, so they pick what they think is more appropriate for a computer, case that looks like a big shinny toy.
I stopped looking at computers as toys a long time ago (yet again, Apple had a big influence there), what I mean is, would you buy a blue Tv set with glowing green lights coming from its insides? I don’t think so, so why shouldn’t we apply the same reasoning when choosing an object that will be part of your life.
I think it’s about time PC users start realising this.

Post originally posted on 27 Oct 2003 22:47