Did Kurt Cobain really kill himself? Was he a victim of a horrible conspiracy architected by Courtney Love? Some answers to this here.

I grew up listening to Nirvana, but Kurt was never an idol to me. I don’t really follow the weak/sad/suicidal act. That doesn’t impress me, in fact over the years and after reading and watching a lot of stuff about Kurt/Nirvana I realized a couple of things. Kurt wasn’t as honest as most people thought. The whole anti-commercial thing was just a façade, if it isn’t so why did he sign up for Geffen? Also, he never refused interviews, he always wanted to be in the spot light, and once he got there he turned his back to the media, accusing them of releasing false information that in the end turned out as valid. Oh go ahead and crucify me if you want.

Post originally posted on 08 May 2003 23:11