In my process of trying to monetize this blog (I already have the adds going) I signed up for Smorty. This is another one of those services where you are paid to blog about some product. Advertisers pay bloggers with the purpose of generating traffic back to their site and showing on search engines a lot faster.
There are various offers; some are pretty crappy, like it’s usual in this type of services, but some that I might pick up because they are technology driven. I have signed up to similar services in the past, but I tend to drift apart since the offers never match the themes that I usually discuss in this blog. I hope this one is different. Time will tell. You get the offers by email several times a day, so you can keep track and pick up something that fits your interest.
There are people doubling their monthly income with this type of thing, that is not my goal (it would involve writing too much about stuff that I don’t care about), but If I can get some bucks to help paying the hosting service, why not give it a try and get paid for blogging!