In case you haven’t noticed, not only did I change domain but I also just rolled out the design for this blog. Well this is actually the second iteration, I wasn’t happy about the first attempt; even more after it went live. There are still a few things I might change and there are some loose ends, like the archive (it’s a mess right now).

About the title

So why “Feeding the Robots”? It seems that what we do every day on the web is provide content fo consumption, of people but also of machines. Content gets imported, transformed, tagged, distributed, filtered, etc.
Humans are on the first and last step of this process. So I get this feeling that we are providing machines with content so that later they can provide us.

About the theme

This time I wanted to focus on simplicity, so I went light on the contrast, and I want to focus on the content (blog posts) leaving navigation on the footer. I’m still evaluating that.
I also completely neglected Internet Explorer, most people that bother to come here don’t use it anyway. I might address it in the future, but right now I don’t want to think about it, I do enough of that at work already.
I used HTML5 (well the doctype at least… it validates!) and some css3 features just for fun and because I’m done with using Javascript for rounded corners or other weird techniques that never provide an optimal implementation.

So be nice and drop me off a comment, even if you hate it.