Following Ed’s recent counterstrike on “big brother” style weblogs, I remembered that I used to do that, not all the time, but I posted a lot of stupid shaite. I haven’t forgiven myself yet for posting a photo of one of my dogs… followed by the “isn’t she cute” phrase.
But that was back in the days I read nothing but portuguese weblogs. Then I started to widen my weblog reading, and realized that “big brother” weblogging wasn’t a cool thing to read (although I still read a couple of them).
I stopped doing that a while back, and began to write in english, not only because Portugal is small target, but because I realized that I didn’t want to fit the Portuguese category anymore.

Enough of talking about weblogs, it’s time to make my SimCity 4 city last more than 20 minutes. Can you believe that someone wrote a manual that has about 120 pages?

Post originally posted on 03 14.0 1:33