Sudoeste 2003 was a lot of fun, the company was perfect and most of the performances were pretty good, thumbs up for Beck’s heavy set and Skin’s kick ass show (although half of the songs were from the Skunk Anansie days). Other great performances: Morcheeba (what a sexy band), Badly Drawn Boy, Suede and the portuguese faction: Blind Zero proved they are they are one of best Portuguese live acts, David Fonseca, Toranja and Mesa (sexy again). Jamiroquai and Beth Gibbons were a bit disappointing.
I had big expectations for Primal Screams’ performance, but they turned out to be a heavy metal band miles away from electronic sound on their last 2 records, I gave up after the 3rd song.
In the dance tent, I missed Dj Kitten and 2 many Dj’s (I was too tired to stand up), Chicks on Speed felt a little out of place and awkward (they were playing fake guitars made of vinyl).

Post originally posted on 11 Ago 2003 23:20