What matters is YOU?

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I’m loving this ad by HTC. I don’t have an Android device, and haven’t fiddled enough with one enough yet, so I don’t know how far the customization goes, but I’m not buying the “you need a phone that gets you”. This would be a phone that allowed you to configure it to the point where it works the way you like it, and not the other way around.  Of course this opens up a path for users to crappiffy the look & feel, but heck, that’s my responsibility, if it looks band it’s because I wanted it that way.
The iPhone is specially annoying in this department, pretty much nothing is customizable, if you want a different sound for the message warning, you have to choose one from the selection that Apple made for you, but when you read “you” it actually means everyone. So I think we still have a long way to go in this deparment.

(video via everydayUX)

Internet Pollution

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Great presentation by Jason Calacanis on Le Web.
I have to say that I was once a polluter, I’ve tried paid posting 2 or 3 times, and every time I though it was a horrible was of time and felt like I was cheating on the audience. It was just an experiment and I will not try it again because I felt a little like on of those people that make porn blogs. I know people that started fake blogs, posting copied content so that they could have a blogging background and be accepted on those types of services. Now they run all kinds of adds and make reviews about hotel deals and gadgets that no one wants to buy. It’s just internet garbage, content theft, in the end, it’s the same as ripping a dvd and selling it at the corner of your street.