User Experience

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Elements of User Experience, originally uploaded by brianannerl.

In the revised standard we define user experience as ‘all aspects of the user’s experience when interacting with the product, service, environment or facility’ and we point out that ‘it is a consequence of the presentation, functionality, system performance, interactive behaviour, and assistive capabilities of the interactive system. It includes all aspects of usability and desirability of a product, system or service from the user’s perspective‘.


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Sometimes, even with the greatest will a man can have, you’ll feel bored. So you go on useless chats, reading your feeds every 3 minutes and many many things that only a depressed-stupid-geekish mind can invent. Don’t get me wrong! Geeks will rule the world! 🙂 They’re so awesome! But come on! we’re about making a great thing alive! So, geek brothers and sisters, remember and write and stick to your machine the motto of ASCII’s father ; Bob Bemer :


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