Feeding the Robots mixtape #1

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There’s something romantic about making a mixtape for someone, I always loved doing it, it feels like therapy. I missed doing it a lot, even though I’ve mixing songs somewhere else, but with a completely different aesthetic. That’s why I decided to bring it back, I don’t even know why I stopped doing it.

These mixtapes will be just collections of songs that I’m enjoying at the time and I that I would like to share with you.

So here is the first one. You can listen to these songs:

01. Ratatat – Mandy
02. Shy Child – Esp
03. Poncho Paradela – Uh-Oh
04. Jónsi – Boy Lilikoi
05. The Golden Filter – Hide Me (Clock Opera remix)
06. Metric – Front Row (acoustic)
07. Beach House – Zebra (UK version)
08. Band of Horses – Compliments
09. Broken Bells – Vaporize
10. Ted and Francis – Crave You
11. Errors – Supertribe
12. Uffie – ADD SUV
13. Orelha Negra – A Força da Razão


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