Feeding the Robots mixtape #2

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So I had planned to do these periodically… but I guess I eventually forgot about this little project. I promisse to do it more regularly in 2011.
So this mixtape is basically a collection of songs I enjoyed in 2010, I wasnt trying to do a best of or something like it, even though songs from some of my favourite albums of this year ended up on it.

So enjoy! Here’s the direct link to the file.

  1. SHT MTN- Holy Fuck
  2. I Don’t Wanna Speak – Guidance Counselor
  3. Ccut up – Duchess Says
  4. Halfway Gone – Whitey
  5. Green Eyes – Wavves
  6. Ain’t It The Truth- Gossip
  7. Young Adult Friction – The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
  8. Boy – Ra Ra Riot
  9. I Saw the Light – Spoon
  10. Tighten Up (iTunes Session) – The Black Keys
  11. All Delighted People- Sufjan Stevens
  12. Sweetest Kill – Broken Social Scene


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Feeding the Robots mixtape #1

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There’s something romantic about making a mixtape for someone, I always loved doing it, it feels like therapy. I missed doing it a lot, even though I’ve mixing songs somewhere else, but with a completely different aesthetic. That’s why I decided to bring it back, I don’t even know why I stopped doing it.

These mixtapes will be just collections of songs that I’m enjoying at the time and I that I would like to share with you.

So here is the first one. You can listen to these songs:

01. Ratatat – Mandy
02. Shy Child – Esp
03. Poncho Paradela – Uh-Oh
04. Jónsi – Boy Lilikoi
05. The Golden Filter – Hide Me (Clock Opera remix)
06. Metric – Front Row (acoustic)
07. Beach House – Zebra (UK version)
08. Band of Horses – Compliments
09. Broken Bells – Vaporize
10. Ted and Francis – Crave You
11. Errors – Supertribe
12. Uffie – ADD SUV
13. Orelha Negra – A Força da Razão


I set up a page on Facebook if you want to follow this over there.


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Great news: Peter Rojas and Ryan Block, two ex-editors of the popular gadget site Engadget (and before that: Gizmodo) have a new podcast about… gadgets!
The Engadget podcast was the first podcast I ever listened, I really enjoyed those guys talking about tech, they really know their business. I was very sad when it ended and never looked for a replacement, but they are back with a new project: gdgt. There’s probably more coming from those two, but this is a great first step.