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I’ve been thinking about putting together a list of my all time favourite records and movies, oh… I loooove sayind records. It’s hard, especially movies, records not so much, I keep a list in my head, nevertheless I’ll pile them up and listen to them all and write about each one in this blog. It’s not like I have much to do, oh yeah, I got a phone call this afternoon, I am now employed :).

I’m 25

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Today is my birthday, no one celebrates their birthday on Sunday, so in a New York fashion kind of way I went with some friends to a “private party”, with lesbians controlling the doors and very cool DJ spinning some old school hip hop and funk. As the party became too hot for us (shirts off and everything, which gave us the weird looks from the lesbians) we headed out to another party, which turned out to be even more gender based (you figure that out for yourself). Resuming, I got home at 9AM… after crashing for a couple of hours in a friends couch, driving hung over and still a little drunk is the worst feeling in the world.

Hyper what?

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[rant mode]For all of you that enjoyed the movie “Cube” (I personally think its average, the acting is pretty bad) don’t bother to see the sequel. It’s terrible, everything is bad (a hypercube? C’mon!!! Even the theory is kind of lame and confusing!), the plot sucks and the actors are the worst there is. [/rant mode]

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