Feeding the Robots mixtape #1

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There’s something romantic about making a mixtape for someone, I always loved doing it, it feels like therapy. I missed doing it a lot, even though I’ve mixing songs somewhere else, but with a completely different aesthetic. That’s why I decided to bring it back, I don’t even know why I stopped doing it.

These mixtapes will be just collections of songs that I’m enjoying at the time and I that I would like to share with you.

So here is the first one. You can listen to these songs:

01. Ratatat – Mandy
02. Shy Child – Esp
03. Poncho Paradela – Uh-Oh
04. Jónsi – Boy Lilikoi
05. The Golden Filter – Hide Me (Clock Opera remix)
06. Metric – Front Row (acoustic)
07. Beach House – Zebra (UK version)
08. Band of Horses – Compliments
09. Broken Bells – Vaporize
10. Ted and Francis – Crave You
11. Errors – Supertribe
12. Uffie – ADD SUV
13. Orelha Negra – A Força da Razão


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Adrift Podcast – edition 06

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It has been 6 months since the last one, so here’s something new. This time I went a little crazy on the guitars, so If you are expecting the usual electro sissy stuff just don’t listen to this one, ok maybe there’s a little electro sissy stuff in there, but just a little :).
For track list and details leave a comment bellow and I will get back to you. Sorry, but I don’t want to go to jail.

Adrift Podcast – edition 05

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Here is another installment of this highly illegal collection of songs. Don’t expect too much electro stuff like usual (but expect some…), this time I went a little more organic… Please enjoy as much as I did making this and then listening to it.

1.Story of an Artist – Daniel Johnston
2.Chicago – Sufjan Stevens
3.With Arms Outstretched – Rilo Kiley
4.We’re From Barcelona – I’m From Barcelona
5.Whoo Alright Yah Uh Huh – The Rapture
6.Young folks (featuring Victoria Bergsman) – Peter Bjorn and John
7.Lloyd, I’m ready to be heartbroken – Camera Obscura
8.My Love – Justin Timberlake
9.In The Morning – Junior Boys
10.Accident & Emergency – Patrick Wolf
11.Don’t Take My Sunshine Away – Sparklehorse
12.Time To Get Away – LCD Soundsystem
13.Gravitys Rainbow – Klaxons
14.Henrietta – Fratellis
15.I Will Follow You into the Dark – Death Cab For Cutie
16.Sao Paulo – Guillemots
17.It Looks Like Love – Josh Rouse
18.Harvester of Hearts – Rufus Wainwright
19.Nothing Compares 2 U – Jimmy Scott

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