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This is the current feeling regarding the non-stop rise of fuel price. Some say that taxes cant be reduced, but if fuel costs more doesn’t the government earn more money with it? Is my math incorrect?
Unfortunately I have to drive everyday, I’d be glad to take a bus like I did for so many years, but that would take me about 1.5+ hours instead of 30 minutes to commute to work.
This is a perfect excuse for companies to star allowing tele-working, unfortunately people in Portugal don’t seem to believe in that.
So let’s just continue to invest in the construction of Dubai!

(photo stolen from here)

Google chat back

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Google Chat back

I’ve been using Google chat back on this website, it’s a nice way to let people get in touch with me, but every time someone engages in conversation with me, chat back notifies my via gtalk, but conversation doesn’t start right away, you need to open a browser page to enter the conversation! I don’t get this at all, if chat back is using gtalk to notify me why doesn’t the conversation continue in that window?
Adding to this, because I’m using Vista at work, gtalk opens IE7 even though it’s not my default web browser… errr!