Sometimes when you walk around and see someone using Internet Explorer without any reason (read because the project you are working on requires IE) you just want to cry. These people are working in the business and they have no idea of what is going on.
The other day some random dude said something like “Now with feeds my life is some much easier”. Now? What the fuck? How long have we been using RSS feeds? And these are people that make decisions! He said “now” because the first time he realized feeds existed was when he changed to IE7, that masterpiece. I get really annoyed when someone like this, that is not aware of anything and that isn’t an early adopter of zit, starts talking like he/she actually is covering that field. And then they give you a hard time if they catch you reading something to get informed, later you find out these type of people need workshops to understand what web 2.0 and web standards are, in 2007. Because they’re jumping on the train… the very very delayed train!