The first time I listened to Rufus was on the soundtrack for “I am Sam”, he sang a cover for “Across the Universe”. I knew the original by John Lennon, and also Fiona Apple’s cover (which I listened to furiously during the summer of 2001 in Italy). I didn’t play much attention to it, Fiona’s version sounded a lot better to me; I loved the double drumming thing.
By the time I had seen some videos on MTV,”Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk” and “California”, but I ignored him, he sounded like a cheery Ryan Adams to me.
It was until a friend borrow me “Want One”. I was impressed after the first song! The arrangements, all the choirs, I was blown away! And then came “Go or Go Ahead”, I’m a sucker for sad songs, and this one is special, it’s so powerful and intense. I think it was by this time that I started loving Rufus, and I still had about half the record to listen. I remember removing every single song on the playlist and listened to that  song one million times. I eventually decided to listen to rest of the record, and of course, loved it.
I immediately got my hands on the rest of the albums, and consumed them furiously.
This record reminds me of a very special time of my life, when I was living at my fullest and was immensely happy, discovering myself and lot of what was around of me, for that, I’ll always remember those moments when I listen to these songs.