Twitter might be pointless, yes I recognize it, but from the minute I first laid my eyes on it I thought, “this is exactly what I was looking for!”. Some people use it for the simple purpose of stating what they are doing, “Eating pizza”, “Watching Heroes”, some people engage in conversations take can take the whole day. Some people use it to express their feelings at the time. They don’t do it because they want a reaction; they do it because it feels good to let your feelings come out sometimes, why not on twitter? It has happened to me a few times, whether I wasn’t feeling alright or the opposite, people come up to me and ask what’s up, and that is nice. I don’t voluntarily “ask” for intervention, but sometimes it feels nice to be confronted with the situations. This doesn’t happen on most blogs, people don’t like to expose in a line or two, on twitter it doesn’t really matter, besides, commenting on a blog can be a little too formal for certain situations. So there you go, Twitter has a use after all!