I finally decided to change the CMS to something decent, so I decided to juice up the site with WordPress. I used the Kubric css template created by Michael Heilemann, but changed it a bit. The top is inspired by an application I developed for kids this last semester.\r\n\r\nI added some candy to the site, one of the new features is the del.icio.us feed, and for this I created a new section “Browsing” (duh). Using the same philosophy, I created a “Recent Tracks” section that displays the last 5 songs played on my computer; this is provided by the Audioscrobbler rss feed. I’ve been using Audioscrobbler for quite some time, unfortunately the Foobar plugin is still quite buggy, but they’ll get there.\r\n\r\nSome tweaking will happen in the next two or three days, I’m just waiting for those nasty bugs to jump into my face. One important thing to do is setting up “clean” permalinks. I also have to incorporate my playlist and movies editor with the WordPress engine.\r\n\r\nOh right… I forgot, the old content… I don’t have the time or patience to convert two years of blogging into WordPress, so I placed a link to the old blog, that way it will still be accessible.