Yesterday when I got to my car after leaving work I realized I had been robbed!
When I pressed the key to open the doors the car locked itself. I though… strange, did I leave the car open all day? My first reaction was to open the trunk where I had my bag with clothes for the weekend and brand new undercoat that I didn’t even get the change the wear!
I thought, how could I be this stupid and leave the car open? But then I checked the driver door and it had a huge hole in it, someone had done this intentionally! Nothing else was stolen, not even the gas station cards that were in the glove compartment.
I wasn’t careless, nothing valuable was in sight, I never leave the car radio inside, the bag was in the trunk and it was not visible from the outside and I didn’t open the trunk when I parked.
Now I have to pay for the damage because I can’t be running around with a whole in my door, but the worst thing is the feeling of insecurity. I brought my mom’s car today, but still I’m sitting here thinking that when I get to it at the end of the day it will be broken into. I had to leave the car in the same place, which is a huge parking space with hundreds of cars, there is no alternative here and I cant take public transportation because that means a 1h30+ commute instead of 35 minutes.
I feel like crap today, this is the second time this happens to me, and there’s nothing I can do about it except bringing all my crap with me always.
Oh yeah, this blog is 5 years old today, but I don’t feel like celebrating.
Damn junkies :(.