I watch most of my tv in a 17” LCD screen, for gaming I use a 32” Samsung LCD that sits in the living room, the problem is when I’m at home so are my parents, this means the 32” is always busy.
I’m thinking about buying a 26” for my bedroom, a 32” might be a little big, but since the prices are almost the same I think I’ll end up buying the bigger one. Only 32” you ask, that’s not even full HD, news flash, you don’t need full HD in screens from this range, the again is almost unnoticeable and the prices skyrocket when you go full HD, I don’t think the investment is worth it to play Halo3 and watch movies.
Second Act is an online store located in the US that sells a lot of HDTV brands like Sharp, Samsung, Toshiba, Denon, JVC, Hitachi and others. They have pretty interesting prices, but I think most of the items are refurbished, if you’re ok with that you can get pretty good equipment for a really low price. They offer additional warranty for a given feed if you want to be a little carefull and protect the future of your device. They also sell other stuff like DVR’s and Home Theather Systems.