White Stripes at Oeiras Alive 07

Regarding last night concert, the White Stripes gave us a great performance, everything I expected and even more, the new songs are as good as the old ones. Even though the band is just a two piece, they don’t need big lights or fireworks, it’s all about the music.
I wasn’t so pleased with the Smashing Pumpkins performance, what I though but didn’t want to believe was true, these new Smashing Pumpkins are all about Billy Corgan, the new musicians are just stage props. Most of the times the bass was pretty much inaudible, the same for the second guitar, even during the solos it was pretty much imperceptible. The synthesizer girl was also a big joke, and I’m not talking about the stewardess white hat, I can’t believe a band that once played live with Mike Garson chooses someone that plays like that as a touring member. Don’t get me wrong, there where a lot of highlights, even the new single “Tarantula” sounded great, but the problem were those long versions of songs that aren’t that great. The whole performance just seemed awkward, you could clearly tell that all those people are under Billy Corgan orders, he seemed very uptight and angry during the whole concert, like something was not right, and it wasn’t, I don’t know why he didn’t simply follow a solo career playing Smashing Pumpkins songs, it made a lot more sense than this. These Smashing Pumpkins without James Iha are nothing.

Photo: Blitz